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Scottish Art Gallery Showcasing Scottish Fine Art and Paintings

Based from our home in North Berwick, Fidra Fine Art specialises in sourcing traditional and contemporary Scottish painting from the past 200 years.

Presented in a drawing room setting, currently we have in stock pieces by John Houston, Henry Wright Kerr, James McBey, Patrick William Adam, John Blair, John Bellany through to Matthew Draper, Sandy Murphy, Michael Durning, George Birrell, Davy Brown, Lesley Banks, Alan Connell, Simon Laurie, Alice McMurrough, Neil Macdonald, Dominique Cameron, Joseph Urie, Arran Ross, Jayne Stokes, Angela Repping and many more. Oils, watercolours, original prints and drawings ensure that we offer something for every taste.

We alternate our exhibitions every 5 weeks or so - solo shows by great quality contemporary artists followed by mixed shows with an eclectic selection of well known names from the past alongside pieces from contemporary artists working today.

The gallery is based in the front two rooms of our house but as soon as you walk in it very much feels like an art gallery but with the added benefit of a familiar domestic setting.

We are open every weekend from 12-5pm and we are more than happy to show you around outside those hours but ask that you call first just to ensure that we are here when you arrive…or just drop in.

We hope to see you soon.
Our next exhibition is a Mixed Show and will feature a great selection of work by some of the best Scottish artists, both working today and from the past 100 years or so.

We are looking forward to showing some great new work by Graeme Wilcox, Michael Durning, Sandy Murphy, Euan McGregor, Jimmy Cosgrove, Matthew Draper, Astrid Trügg, Dominique Cameron, Andy Heald, Arran Ross, Allan J Robertson, Jayne Stokes, Patti Yuill, Fee Dickson, Georgina Bown as well as older pieces by great Scottish artists such as Robert Russell MacNee, William Walcot, Patrick William Adam, John Bellany and many more.

We will also be introducing the work of two new artists to the gallery, Colin Brown and Ann Cowan. Both artists use collage in their work creating an interesting build up of textures and patterns but with very different results.

We will kick off with an opening evening with refreshments on Friday 15 September from 6-8pm...hope to see you there.

Featured Artist

Colin Brown
Artist Statement
My creative process is one of exploration and chance. I go into each painting with no preconceived idea - working initially on building the surface in layers and marking reference points. Gradually a dialogue between the painting and myself is developed and a definite direction is formed. Each element of the work will be constantly examined, considered and reassessed. In the final analysis great importance is placed on the finished surface, balance, structure and rhythm of the painting.

The work evolves naturally year on year, sometimes revisiting old places before moving forward again. In my current paintings the imagery has become more literal, using a combination of random elements mixed with direct references to investigate allegory and narrative, memory and impurity. Although these works perhaps give more of an indication of personal intentions, they remain open to interpretation by the viewer.
The paintings employ a variety of mixed media to explore human histories, random and specific mark making, urban imagery and a mix of personal hand writing and printed script.

My working process involves a range of materials including acrylic and oil paints, collage, glazes and varnishes. The paintings are created on wood panels and utilise more urban colours than the colours of nature. Ultimately they aim to celebrate the spirit of modern culture, the pleasure of finding and using, and the Dada-ist ideal of looking at society in fragments.


Colin Brown has an established and ongoing record of research and creative practice. Over the past twenty nine years he has built up a strong international career profile, with regular exhibitions of his paintings throughout the UK, Europe and America.

He has spent periods of time living and painting in Europe - including a four month stay in Florence and four years in Düsseldorf. Brown is now based in Stonehaven on the north-east coast of Scotland, where he has his studio.

His paintings have received a number of awards, most notably a major Artist's Grant from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York in 1996.

In his current work Brown pulls together random elements and fragments into closely controlled compositions. The paintings, which run a fine line between impulse and calculation, continuously shift context and meaning. Rather than attempting to realise a predetermined concept, his work follows a specific process which allows the painting to emerge through its' implementation.


Born in Dundee, Scotland in 1962


Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee 1982-1987
B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art (Painting) 1986
Post-Graduate Diploma in Fine Art (Painting) 1987


The John Kinross Scholarship 1987
Awarded by The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh 1987
Studied in Florence, Italy 1987
The Pollock-Krasner Award 1996
Major Artist’s Grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York 1996
Artist’s Assistance Grants Awarded by The Scottish Arts Council 1998 & 2001
Aberdeenshire Visual Arts Award 2003 & 2006
Aspect Painting Prize Finalist - Runner up Award 2005


Work represented in private collections in Scotland, Ireland, England, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, U.S.A., New Zealand, Japan, and in the Public Collections of Highland Regional Council, Scotland; Norddeutsche Landesbank, Hanover, Germany; and Grampian Arts Trust, Scotland

Solo Exhibitions (selected)

2017 “New Work”, Kilmorack Gallery, Scotland
2016 The Marlin Project, Gallery Different, London
2014 Fraser East, St Andrews
2013 Icon Gallery, Singapore
2011 Fraser East, St Andrews
2010 Panter and Hall, London
2008 “Yesterday is Here”, John Briggs Gallery, Stonehaven
2007 “Heroes and Icons”, Mansfield Park Gallery, Glasgow
2007 “New Paintings”, Foyer Gallery, Aberdeen
2004 Urban Dada, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen
2004 Woodend Barn Art Centre, Banchory
2003 Circle Gallery, Edinburgh
2000 Woodend Barn Art Centre, Banchory
1999 Nord/LB Galerie, Braunschweig, Germany
1998 Galerie Bongartz + Partner, Hanover, Germany
1997 Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Inverness
1997 Carron Works, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen
1996 Galerie Friedhelm Huter, Anrath, Germany
1996 Meffan Institute, Forfar
1994 Stadt Kramer Museum, Kempen, Germany
1993 Galerie Kulturfabrik, Krefeld, Germany
1989 Barbizon Gallery, Glasgow