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Scottish Art Gallery Showcasing Scottish Fine Art and Paintings

Covering over 200 years of the best in Scottish fine art, watercolour and oil paintings, drawings and prints, Fidra Fine Art is based in North Berwick, East Lothian and currently displays work from a range of leading Traditional, Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary Scottish artists. Current artists include Matthew Draper, Simon Laurie, Davy Brown, John Bellany, George Birrell, Neil Macdonald, Alice McMurrough, Lesley Banks, Sir Robin Philipson and many more.

All of our art is sourced from practising artists, prestigious art dealers and auctions across Scotland and the UK. Each piece is carefully chosen based on its condition, the artist’s reputation within the art world and its provenance.

At Fidra Fine Art, we have access to the best restorers and framers to guarantee that our customers get the painting they deserve. Our main aim is to offer our customers a varied selection of good quality Scottish fine art, many pieces with an East Lothian interest.

Our list of artists includes work by Patrick William Adam, Henry Wright Kerr, George Blackie Sticks, William Miller Frazer, William Walls and John Campbell Mitchell to name a few. Our list of more contemporary artists consists of John Houston, Andy Heald, Joseph Urie, Alan Connell, Jayne Stokes and Peter Howson.

We ensure the gallery is well stocked with a varied collection and are continually reviewing and adding new pieces. Our typical opening hours are from 12:00 to 17:00 every weekend, however we are more than happy to schedule openings during the week by appointment or if you are passing, just drop in.

Current Exhibition

Drawing & Etching
Next up at Fidra Fine Art is “Drawing and Etching”. On show will be a selection of drawing and etching from artists from the past 100 years. From exquisite etchings and drawings from the early part of the last century by two Aberdeen artists, John Bulloch Souter and the more widely known and collected, James McBey through to contemporary artists working today such as June Carey RSW RGI, Graeme Wilcox and Neil Macdonald PAI RGI RSW.

Drawings, whether as sketched preparation for bigger pieces or as finished pieces in their own right, offer an interesting perspective on an artist’s work which is often overshadowed by the more familiar, fully worked pieces of an artists oeuvre.

Etchings were keenly collected at the turn of the 18th & 19th century with the work of the Scottish etchers James McBey, Muirhead Bone, DY Cameron and William Strang in particular, being in great demand. This subsided at the time of the Great Depression in the 1930’s but Scottish artists have continued to be drawn to the medium with artists such as Ian Fleming, William Wilson and John Bellany through to John Byrne and June Carey working today creating unique and outstanding work with the process. Etchings appear to becoming more fashionable again and offer a great way of acquiring beautiful, original artwork by well known and collectable artists at affordable prices.

As well as those mentioned above, we will also have work by, Alice McMurrough PAI RGI RSW, Matthew Draper, Simon Laurie RSW RGI, Dominique Cameron, Lesley Banks, Sandy Murphy RSW RGI PAI, Michael Durning PPAI PAI RSW, Jimmy Cosgrove RSW RGI PAI, Joseph Urie, Alan Connell, George Birrell, Angela Repping, Jayne Stokes, Sandra Collins, Georgina Bown, Carmen Ambrozevich, Patti Yuill, Claire Beattie, Arran Ross as well as Jack Knox RSA RSW RGI and Annabel Kidston.

We are also delighted to welcome for the first time, work by Ann Oram RSW, Robbie Bushe and Rachel Everitt… very much appreciated!

The exhibition kicks off with a Preview on Friday 3 February and then the show continues from 4 February through to Sunday 12 March.

Featured Artist

Rachel Everitt
Rachels work is mostly character based, with many of the sparks of inspiration coming from people she meets and stories she hears. She seeks to try to capture a moment in time, with the intent of evoking a larger untold story in the viewers mind.

Rachel studied Visual Arts at the Edinburgh College of Art, where she chose to specialise in Animation. She graduated 1999 and went on to work on a number of short animation film productions that featured at world-wide festivals, with air time on the BBC and Channel Four. She also worked on numerous film projects with children which went on to pick up various awards including the Engage Scotland Visual Arts Education Award for Improving Mental Health and Well-being. In 2007 she completed an animation filmmaking residency based at the Highland Print Studio in Inverness and her work began to focus more on printmaking. Rachel finds dry point etching allows her just the right the balance of spontaneity and control for her style of working, and she loves to captures the spontaneous nature of ink over the etched image.

She currently works from her studio in Leith where she is working towards creating a picture book for children. She also continues to keep close ties with the Edinburgh College of Art tutoring part time in the Animation department.