The Rights of Woman by Leonie MacMillan

Title: The Rights of Woman

Medium: Ceramic
Size: 16cm height

Additional Information:
I was a teenager in the eighties in Scotland, it was a time when we were very aware of the HIV crisis. Since then information of HIV in Scotland in the news has become less visible.

I recently studied geography at St Andrews University and learnt about the present HIV crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa, where AIDS is on the increase. However, according to social science research, in African countries where women have greater rights, their HIV situation is improved.

Living in Scotland we are also affected by the HIV crisis in Africa. Every human on earth is related, we are all connected. I have placed a burnt snowdrop (flower of the north) on the torso to represent this idea.

I also placed an image of our planet surrounded by hands of every nation to show that everybody needs to take responsibility for world crises.

I also recognise the women's rights issue. Worldwide, women still need better rights, and have for a very long time. This is shown by the date on the transfer of Burn’s poem, The rights of Woman in 1787. I also hope to reflect this issue in the form of the torso. It is not an object of beauty but the epitome of the objectification of woman, with no head or limbs.

My artwork hopes to show that by improving women’s rights, the HIV crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa might improve."