Britannia's Eye by Leonie MacMillan

Title: Britannia's Eye

Medium: Ceramic
Size: 16cm height

Additional Information:
"This torso is similar to the previous torsos in that it shows the objectification of woman. However, there is a difference, Britannia has an all-seeing eye in her chest. This is to represent omniscience. Often the all-seeing eye is masculine, such as the Freemason Eye of Providence shown on top of the United States one dollar note. Britannia's Eye is a feminine eye of providence, showing that even though her body has been reduced to a torso, she still has the power to save the situation. The situation being a melting fragment of the British flag on her back. (This flag is a condensed representation of the flags in Britannia II).

I believe that focusing on mystery and beauty, gives some hope for the future."