Britannia II by Leonie MacMillan

Title: Britannia II

Medium: Ceramic
Size: 16cm height

Additional Information:
"This piece is representing Scotland and her relationship to the rest of the UK after the Brexit elections. Britain is a country very divided in opinion. The ceramic transfers of flags are torn and fragmented showing the lack of unity.
Living in Scotland I am aware that we have the exit from Europe to contend with, combined with the fresh memory of a failed referendum. The Image of European union is missing one of its stars and is melting at the edges, this is to represent the half of Scotland that wishes that star remained. The flags are torn into dagger-like shapes pointing at one another.

I have included a shard of the USA flag to show that its political unrest permeates life in Britain. It represents the sense of threat that the new American president brings.

I am using the form of the torso here to represent Britannia, protector goddess of our combined isles. Britain was named after her (by the Romans), but people forget she was once a goddess. Instead of a proud pose, she is shown as an inert object."