Britannia by Leonie MacMillan

Title: Britannia

Medium: Ceramic
Size: 30cm height

Additional Information:
"I am using the form of the torso here to represent Britannia, a goddess worshipped by the Celts for her powerful protection. Britain was named after her (by the Romans), but people forget she was once a goddess. The Victorians took her image to represent the country to show Britain’s supremacy over the globe.

As a torso she has lost her proud pose, she is shown as an inert object.

Britannia is decorated with fragmented flags from Britain and the USA. They are shaped as daggers, pointing to conflict and lack of unity. There is also a pink ‘cat‘ shape on the front of the torso representing the global womens’ marches that occurred in reaction to the American president’s sexist remarks against women.

This torso aims to represent the chaos and contradiction felt in today’s world."