Jane Smith

Artist Biography

I was introduced to sculpture in my 1st year of Art College and felt an immediate affinity with it as a medium, it has held a huge fascination for me ever since. I graduated from Edinburgh University and College of Art with an MA in Fine Art in 1986 and subsequently practiced sculpture, printmaking and drawing when possible around work and family life. A move to part time employment in 2010, however, gave me more time to concentrate on developing my sculpture more regularly. I am particularly drawn to working in bronze and the availability of the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Lumsden, Aberdeenshire, an open access foundry, has given me the ideal opportunity to do just that .I make the original clay or wax pieces in my home studio at Aboyne , Aberdeenshire and visit SSW weekly to cast them. My focus at the moment is to continue to learn the process of bronze casting as I enjoy the versatility of form that the medium allows and also the opportunity it affords for intricate and various surface detail and texture. I am currently studying for a diploma in garden design as many of the pieces I make are intended for garden placement and my subject matter is often inspired by these studies. As well as exhibiting my work, I accept commissions and have completed four to date with a fifth commission underway.

Artist Statement

My current priority is to concentrate on sustaining regular practice, learning the process of bronze casting, experimenting with new materials, honing modelling skills and expanding techniques. The commissions I have undertaken have been a part of this constant renewal and development of core sculptural skills. Specific themes have very quickly emerged in my work. I grew up in the Scottish east coast village of Gullane and it is not surprising that forms associated with the sea have an innate attraction for example, shells, boats, figures swimming, fossils and other forms. Like many people, I find the sea and shore a rich environment both visually and allegorically. The infinite variety of physical forms both natural and manufactured greatly inform my sculptural work .The connection of the sea to our biological origins and the history of our civilisation adds a deep sense of time and perspective to it as a subject. The sea evokes images of journeys for trade, exploration or migration, stories both full of hope, endeavour and redemption as well as disaster and death. At a more personal level, I associate the sea with memories of carefree childhood play, a sense of liberation, sensual pleasure and total wellbeing. Plant forms also inspire my work and these organic sculptures are often designed with a garden setting in mind. I enjoy making work with a decorative and/or functional purpose for use in a domestic setting such as bird baths or sundials.

Artist CV

Born 1962 Edinburgh

Education and Training

2012 - Weekend course in Screen Printing at Peacock printmakers, Aberdeen
2010 - 2014 - Member of printmaking group Aboyne
2010 – Weekend course in glass blowing at Glassstorm, Tain
2010 - Weekend course in Lafarge Cement Modelling at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
1986 - Graduate Enterprise Post Graduate Business Programme
1986 - John Kinross Scholarship to travel and study the arts in Italy for three months
1986 – Graduated with an MA Fine Art, Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University specialising in Sculpture, History of Art and Philosophy of Art.


2011 - Art Aboyne Group exhibition
2015 - Art Aboyne Group exhibition

Creative Career

2014 - Curated “Bronze “an exhibition of 80 bronze sculptors from the UK and Europe for the Milton Art Gallery Banchory including a sequence of annotated photographs explaining the casting process.

2010 – Present – combination of home studio practice, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire and regular visits to the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden, Aberdeenshire.

2008 - 2009 – Designed bespoke drawing skills course for private individual with special needs.

1986 to 2010 – Home studio based practice mainly drawing and printmaking

1992 – Art Tutor for The Independent Painters Workshop – delivering “Creativity Workshop”, Life drawing classes and Art History seminars.


2010 – Clay gargoyle style portrait head of private client for mounting on water fountain in Spanish Villa
2011 – Two bronze figures based on their Heraldic Crest for a private client
2012 – Bronze shell form for private client
2012 – Bronze shell form for private client
2015 – Bronze portrait of border terrier for private client