Perpetua Pope (1916-2013)

Born Solihull. Educated at Albyn School, Aberdeen and trained at Moray House and ECA where she was influenced by Gillies, Maxwell & Leonard Rosoman. Remained in Scotland where she spent virtually her whole working life. Concentrated on Scottish landscapes and views in Cyprus & Greece. Her colour tends towards the cool and much of her best work depicts the cold sea and dull rich ochres of autumn. Worked in heavy impasto in a semi impressionistic style. Resigned from lectureship at Moray House to concentrate on her own work. Lived & worked in Carlops. Regular exhibitor at RA, RSA, AAS, RGI, SSA & SSWA. Represented in City of Edinburgh collection, Royal Collection & Nuffield Foundation, SAC.
Dictionary of Scottish Art & Architecture - Peter J M McEwan