John Hamilton Glass (fl.1890-1925)

Painter in oil and watercolour, mainly the latter; landscapes, coastal and river scenes. Little is known about his personal life although his artistic output was large. Painted mostly in Scotland and Holland. Lived in Musselburgh and often worked along the east coast and sometimes Iona. His work though constant in style, was variable in quality. The colours tended to be brown and grey and the figures dumpy. His wife, Mary Williams, painted in a similar style. One of the reasons why so many of his works appear is that he often appended his signature to the work done at least partly by his wife.
Exhibited RSA (19), RHA(4), GI (3), Lillie Gallery (1), after 1905 from Cadzow Studio, Pencaitland, East Lothian.
Dictionary of Scottish Art & Architecture – Peter McEwan