Georgina Bown

Since graduating from The Chelsea School of Art, Georgina Bown has successfully engaged with deeply contrasting forms of artistic expression, from qualifying as a welder and fabricator producing large scale sculpture in glass and steel, to rendering delicate seed heads in the ephemeral medium of monoprinting.

Georgina also reaches sculpture and drawing to the next generation of artists at the local community centre in addition to adult courses and exhibition workshops throughout the region.

Georgina's interest lies with form purely for function which then becomes aesthetic in its function. Exposing the strengths and turning it into vulnerability.

Submarines have become her muse due to their menacing presence and power. Her background in metal sculpture allows her to appreciate the vast engineering and construction of these beautiful beasts.

Georgina has shown at the SSA, VAS, RSA, RGI, The Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Royal Society of British Artists.

Awards – The Print Maker’s Print Award for Print Fest 2017.